Episode 85 – Nagashima ④



“Hey, hey, this rain is bad indeed. ……”
“I just heard that they’re going to stop all buses for the day.”

It happened just as I was thinking of taking a long, relaxing breath and heading home after a day at the hot springs.

By the way, the hot springs were “Oh, I made a mistake……!” There was no such thing.
As expected, that kind of thing is only two-dimensional. Let’s forget about Mia.

“If we take the first flight tomorrow, it looks like we can get back to Tokyo after midnight. ……”
“I guess we’ll have to give up if there are no buses…”

Shizuku is the one with the optimistic mindset. Optimistic, or should I say quick to change her mind?

“I’ll call the manager just in case.”

Mirei is also calmly contacting the people she needs to contact.
It seems that everyone is better accustomed to this kind of response.

“I’m off tomorrow, so that’s not a problem for me, but not for Harushita san and the others.”

These people don’t have that many days off, so it is indeed not like they are off two days in a row.

“I called my manager and she told me to come home slowly this afternoon. She said can’t help it under the circumstances.”
“I was surprised that she was so tolerant. Doesn’t he get angry with you, saying things like, [You need to be a little more aware of your job?]”
“No, not at all. Today was my day off, and if there had been no trouble, I would have been able to come home tomorrow, so I am not at fault.”

I genuinely wondered if that was the way it was.
It seemed to me that his attitude lacked enthusiasm for her work, but what Harushita san said was very theoretical and I had nothing to argue with her about.
First of all, the manager was not angry either, so I guess that’s the way it is.

“Well, she’s really angry if I’m unwell. I can manage my physical condition to some extent.”
“Is that how you draw the line?”

I wonder if they get angry if you neglect nutritional management.
It is a very strong world

“I’m okay, too.”
“I had to delay the recording time too~”

Both Mirei and Shizuku seem to have gotten the confirmation.
Incidentally, everyone here is dressed in yukata, as yukata are available even if you are only using the bath.

Mirei and Shizuku have long hair, so they put it in a bun and put it in one.
The unusual atmosphere made me feel a bit nervous. It’s like the night of a school trip, when you suddenly see girls you don’t know in their bathtubs, you get a weird feeling. Not in a perverted way.
It’s like a strange feeling of high spirits, or a sense of being special.

Harushita san has a bob, though that’s a no-no because it shows parts of her that don’t fit in her yukata. What do I mean by “no no”? No, it’s still no good.

“Okay, I’ll go get a room.”

I go to the reception to escape.
I’ve taken two rooms, and I better get to bed as soon as possible.
I am tired to begin with. Being tired is not an afterthought.

“Excuse me”

I went to the receptionist at the front desk, explained the situation, and negotiated with her to see if I could somehow stay the night.
The receptionist, who seemed to have a good personality, responded in a cheerful tone of voice.

“So, do you have a room for one and a room for three?”
“I’m sorry. We only have rooms for two people. ……”

What should I do? I’m stuck.

Moreover, the receptionist looks very apologetic, which makes me feel sorry for her as well.

What am I gonna do? I guess I’ll just have to take a room for two by myself, right? It’s a bit of an expense, but it’s the only way.

“Well, excuse me. That’s fine, can I have the two rooms, please?”
“Yes, please wait a moment so I can check.”

Sigh, I let out a sigh in my mind.
I never thought it would come to this. As expected, heavy rain was unexpected, but I should have paid more attention to the forecast.

But the three of them didn’t seem too bothered by it, and that’s probably the only thing that helped, since they were looking at the souvenir section.

“Thank you for waiting.”

As I watch Mirei and the others in a daze, I am eventually approached by the receptionist.

“I’m sorry, guest. We have no rooms available…… because everyone is staying here after today’s torrential downpour.”
“Only one room is available……!”

I just had to shout it out. T-That can’t be true…

“Rather than that, there are a lot of customers who have just been introduced, so we can’t let one person use the double room, that’s the current situation is…”

S-Such …….
I guess I’m going to have to decide to stay camping…..

Well, yes, it’s like a person who stays all morning in a family restaurant or something and does something, and other customers can’t get in while the seats are taken during the busy season.
I understand that kind of logic as much as it pains me. I understand it, but …….

Wild camping, huh? …….

“U-Understood. Then I’ll take one room please. …… I’m sorry for the inconvenience. ……”
“No, I’m sorry we couldn’t meet your request.”

I can’t begrudge the receptionist for being a nice person.
If there was someone a little more belligerent with a bad attitude at the reception desk, I would have said something back to her, but I’m probably too scared to do that.

Although a bit uncomfortable, I went to Mirei and the others and explained the situation to them.

“… that’s what happened… For now, the three of you should go to this room…”

Tearfully, I hand the card key to Harushita san.
If I had that, I could have slept in a soft bed too. ……

“What are you going to do, Nagishiro san?”
“I’ll try to find some hotels around.””Are you going to look for a hotel in the rain? And I’m sure all the hotels are full.
“Ugh, ……, that’s …….”
“What are you going to do if you can’t find it?”
“Well, I’m going to stay in the wild around there. ……”
“Are you nuts?”
“No,……, we don’t have a choice. ……”

I’m the one who gets blamed so much. Oh, I don’t know what you call this kind of thing. Oh, that’s right. I’m a crybaby.
Or maybe it’s not against the rain, but it’s against the wind.

I mean, why do I have to be told that much?

When I looked at Harushita san with this in mind, she said, as if exhaling a sigh of dismay “I’m sorry, but I’m not sure I can do this.”

“So ……. You”ll have to stay here, won”t you?”

The one who fluttered it like that was the card key I had just given her.


“W-Wait, what is going onnnnnn??”
“I-I need an explanation. ……”

As expected, it is not me but Mirei and Shizuku san who are panicking about what they are going to say.

They turn red in the face and ask Harushita san for an explanation.

“What are you two upset about?”
“I-I’m not upset you know!?”
“No, I’m not. ……”
“How can you be an actor and an artist? You show too much emotion and your voice is very quiet. ……”

Harushita san, who shrugged her shoulders and said, was the calmest of them all, and she was the only one who was calm.

“……Eh, what do you mean!?”

Harushita san sighs as I belatedly realize what she means, but eventually she opens her mouth.

“Of course it’s impossible to sleep in the open on a day like this.”

Mm, that’s true, but…….

“Then why are you two upset? Did you imagine something lewd?”
“W-Why do you think that”
“I-I didn’t. ……”

Harushita san is so tired. She sighs so deeply …….

“I don’t know how Nagishiro san could do such a thing. It’s that indecisive Nagishiro-san who didn’t settle that match, you know?”
“Well, that’s not a compliment at all, is it ……?”
“I don’t think that’s a compliment. I’m just saying that your indecisiveness, or rather, your bad luck in direct speech, will work in a good way this time.”
“Don’t deadball me with a 160-kilometer fastball, …….”

I wanted to cry. I knew to some extent that she thought of me that way.
I mean, this person still held a grudge about that Valentine’s Day concert, didn’t she?

“For the most part, even if this person has that carnal side. As long as I’m around, I won’t let that happen.”
“Well, I see. ……”
“T-That makes sense. ……”

And the sheer force of Harushita san’s persuasive power makes it impossible for anyone to say anything.
It makes me feel as if my own ideas are rather dirty.

But later, when I think about it calmly, I think she had a point.

This night was to be a night with three super-duper beautiful girls.

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