Episode 66 – Sauna ②




I may have even gotten something important out of my body in my sweat.
Because I have seen a woman who should not be there in the sauna in the men’s room.

“Oh, what’s that? You’re not responding.”

The woman has a towel apologetically covering her thighs from the upper chest of her body.

Her golden hair was tied up in a single knot, from which a woman’s distinctive coloring emanated like a boiling potion.

“It’s weird, I thought I was supposed to have a beautiful body. ……”

I Close my eyes and take a deep breath.
Apparently, I am so hungry for women that I fantasize about these situations.
I must throw away all my troubles.

“Hmmm, I’m embarrassed, but I’ll take the plunge and remove the towel…..”

Oh, Bad, this woman almost took her own towel right now…!?

I rush to get a firm hold on her right arm and raise it up.
So it was about time I acknowledged what was happening right here in front of me.

“Ah, you noticed.”

The woman looked relieved and laid her rich chest out in relief.
I hurriedly looked away from the towel because I felt like I was about to see something I wasn’t supposed to see.

“No, but I didn’t realize you were an “armpit” person. …… That’s a little embarrassing. ……”

I pulled my arms up and her body was at a slight angle as a reaction to my pulling her up, and, yes, I could see her fresh, slightly sweaty armpits just as she was looking at me.

“Ah, sorryyyyyyyyyy!!!!!”

I hurriedly averted my eyes when I realized I had caught sight of it, but my memory seems to excel only at times like this, and the slightly naughty picture was stored in my brain.

Ugh …… I hate you, my talent ……. Thank you.

“I heard that Japanese boys are shy, but you’re surprisingly aggressive ♡”
“T-That’s not it!! Wait, why are you here!?”

I hurriedly move away and sit at the edge of the room, leaning forward lightly.
But without mercy, the woman sat down next to me.

“Eh, wait, umm!?”
“Well, well, well, calm down, calm down. Don’t worry about it. ……”
“What are you going to do!?”

Danger of life, danger of life!? Am I going to die here today!? In the sauna!?

“I’m not thinking about taking it and eating you, okay?”
“Is that…..so?”

I don’t feel like I can trust her in any way.
Or rather, first.

“How did you get here?”

I swear, this is a men’s bath. It’s not a place for women to come in.
I mean, there’s no way she would have thought to come in in the first place.

“Well, what about that? It’s a trade secret.”
“The most important thing was hidden!”
“Or rather, who are you?”
“Ummm …… that’s a secret”

You’re not going to tell me anything, are you?

“Look, look, you can ask me more questions, okay?”
“How can you say that from a mouth that hasn’t answered a single question ……?”
“Where did you learn such Japanese?”

—–hmm? Rather……

“So you speak Japanese.”
“Yes, I am! I’ve practiced!”

I was surprised when I looked at the woman because she suddenly started speaking loudly, and she had a look of pride on her face because she had bigger b****s than most people.
I beat myself up for inevitably looking at her body and look away.
Reason, keep up the good work. …… We’re almost there.

“I-I’m sorry then. I’m leaving, so I’m going to go……”
“What? You wouldn’t tell me that you’ve already given up, would you?”

The blonde girl instantly leaned in close when I tried to get up from my seat.
Oh man, bare skin contact is definitely not good. …… I’m already giving up on that one! I’ve already raised the white flag. !?

“I’m sorry, I understand! I’ll stay here a little longer!”

She said, “Well, I forgive you,” and we went back to the proper distance.
No, I have no idea what is appropriate anymore. ……

“……So what on earth are you doing here?”

It’s time to know a little more about this mysterious woman, so I ask more questions.

I had prepared my next question thinking that they would not tell me anyway, but surprisingly, the woman seemed to be willing to answer.

“Hmmm… ……. Reason, huh?”

She leaned forward and put my hand a little on her chin and thought.
I feel that every gesture like this is theatrical. It is the same type as Shizuku san’s.

“I wonder …… if I may ask, an affair investigation?”
“Am I your boyfriend?!!”
“The future’s?”
“I’m not going to have a girlfriend who won’t even tolerate my ex-girlfriend’s presence !!!!”

I mean, please don’t say “girlfriend” with pride.
I know it’s a joke, but it’s just too heartbreaking.

“Well~ as expected, Rin. You’ve got a good sense of humor, too.”
“N-Not that !…..Eh?”

Eh? Just now?

“Do you know my name ……?”

Yes, I think I was called by my first name.

When I threw the question at her, she seemed to find the response amusing and laughed heartily.
“Fufufufu, What? What’s with that reaction? How is it possible that I don’t know Rin’s name? Even the world’s top artists know his name?”

The woman is pouting and laughing, but it’s a bit hard to hear.

“W-What do you mean?”
“Just like I said. You’re not like me… you’re getting attention in America right now, you.”
“What’s with that blank expression on your face? You’re really funny, Rin.”

That would indeed be a surprising move.
It is the first time I have heard of it.

“May I ask you a few details ……?”
“Okay Where do I start with ……?”

She seemed so happy to be so distressed.

For the rest of the day, she told me about Nagishiro Rin in the U.S., and then she talked about American culture and so on.
I forgot that she was a woman and that this was a men’s bath, too, and we got into a lively conversation.

Incidentally, my gaze never once went down from her face, though.

As we did so, we became more and more comfortable with each other, and in the end we left the sauna together on good terms.

L-Let’s just say that we changed clothes separately.

When I got out of the bath and came back to the reception desk, there was some kind of conversation going on between the owner and a foreign woman in a suit.

“I know, she’s really a pain in the ass, isn’t she? I told her I was going to see her again today, but she wouldn’t listen.”
“I-I’m not as talkative as Mia san, but my son is cheeky…”
“Ara, isn’t that good. I don’t even have time to have kids because of Mia…..”
“T-Thanks for your hard work ……”

Apparently, they were having a good time complaining about someone else.

“Do you know each other?”

The woman seemed to be a foreigner, so I asked the woman I had just talked with in the sauna.
The woman, however, was no longer next to me and had already interrupted the conversation with the owner.

“Hey! What are you doing!? There’s Rin!!?”
“Oh, Mia. Welcome back. Were you able to see Nagishiro?”
“Hey, he’s right there !! What if he finds out that I’m Mia?”
“What, you haven’t told him yet? Maybe you really think that ‘operation’ or whatever it’s called is going to work?”
“Hey!? Even Olivia said, [It’s fine]!…… Oh, Perhaps you didn’t care?”

It got kind of noisy.

I heard that the blonde girl I was talking to earlier was complaining something to the woman in the suit.

“Well, excuse me, I’ll leave first.”

It looked like there was no more room to stay, so I bailed out the woman I had just met and tried to leave.

However, a woman in a suit noticed this and whispered something in her ear.

“Look, I didn’t say that. It’s Mia.”
“I’m not going to tell you!”
“Then why don’t you exchange phone numbers?”
“T-That’s right. Well, then…….!”

She comes toward me as if she had made up her mind.

“Oh, um, would you like to exchange contact information?”
“Ummm, that’s……”
“Oh, it’s okay if you don’t. ……”
“No, I didn’t bring my cell phone.”

A woman in a suit is laughing hysterically in the background.
I am very sorry about something.

The woman in front of me also gradually flushed.

Then, as if the dam that had been holding back her emotions was about to burst, she burst out in a single breath.

“Then contact me here tomorrow! promise me!”
“Ah, umm”

Satisfied that she had given what looked like a business card, she left the bathhouse with her suit.

After they are out of sight, I check her business card.

On it was a numeric phone number and an email address.
The phone number was unfamiliar to me, and I wondered if she really was from overseas.

And in the middle of the business card is her name in written English.

Mia Brooks.


“Mia, brooks…?”

I thought the name sounded familiar, and I converted a lot of things in my head.

Mia, Mia……Brooks….


That’s how I met Mia.

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