Episode 23 – Confession From Ex-Girlfriend ①



Soon, I’ll be on a trip with Rina san.

Summer vacation has just started.

I have more than enough time to go on a trip.


“Seriously, Rina san…..”

I was rolling around on my bed in my room.

Judging from Rina san’s attitude, it seems like we’ll be moving up the steps as lovers in no time.


I lie on my back and sigh heavily.

My body was burning hot and I felt like I was going to lose control.


“O-oi, don’t enter without permission.”

When I was lost in my thoughts, my room door suddenly opened.

The one who appeared was my younger sister, Sakura, who is three years younger than me.

She always looked sleepy with half-open eyes and exhausted.

She’s always unmotivated in everything she does, and she’s poor in both studies and athletics to some extent. She’s a petite girl with a short bang.

“Did you break up with Yuika san?

“Eh, yeah…..well.”

Straight to the point.

I was a little shaken by the unexpected approach.

I didn’t tell Sakura that we had broken up,  I wonder where she found out about it.       


“E-erm, What’s wrong?”

“Yuika san is in my room right now.”

“Eh, right now? In your room?”

“She just came to the house. Didn’t you notice the intercom?”

Because I was thinking about the trip with Rina san, so……

Sakura’s room was a little further away, so I couldn’t hear them talking.

“She’s being clingy with me and it’s annoying, so do something about it.”

Apparently, Sakura is suffering from inconvenience……

“Is it a problem that you can’t solve alone, Sakura?”

“Yuika san seems to want to see your face, and she’s attached to me. So, you have to do something about it.”

“….I got it. Then, I’m going to your room for now.”


“E-erm, what are you doing? This is my bed.”

“Nii, you’re in the way.”

“Wait, hey….”

Sakura crawled on my bed.

After shooing me away, she rested her head on the pillow and shut her eyes. She was off to the dream world in seconds……

I can’t help but smile bitterly at the sight of my sister who’s going at her own pace.

Anyway, I can’t leave Yuika alone, so I’ll go to Sakura’s room……

“Ah, Sakura tan-“


When I opened the door, I saw Yuika who let out a sweet voice with sparkling eyes that had stars in them.

But as soon as she saw me, she turned her head down with a bright red face.

“Takuto kun, why are you…..”

“Because this is also my house. I mean, what do you want?”

“I-I just came to see Sakura tan……i mean, Sakura.”

“I see. But Sakura seems a little annoyed.”

Yuika is free to interact with anyone, but if my sister is in trouble, I can’t ignore it.

“……Hey, Takuto.”

After a short silence, Yuika called my name in a muffled voice.

I tilted my head and waited for Yuika’s next words.

“I was wrong. ……I still love you, Takuto. So, don’t pick Onee chan, pick me.”

I frowned.

“I like Rina san. I can’t betray her.”

“……Tsu. ……I knew it….  After all, I’m a degraded version of Onee chan…..”

When Yuika sits on the spot, she suddenly sticks out her eyes and start talking bad about herself.”

“Don’t call yourself that. That’s not true.”

“…….Her face, height, brains, athleticism, cooking, sewing, piano, and everything else. Onee chan has everything. She’s friendly, she has lots of friends, and when we get together for New Year’s, it’s always Onee chan who gets the affection. ……I always had to follow behind her. What would you call me if I’m not the worst version of Onee chan?”

I understood that Yuika had an inferiority complex about Rina san.

It has been that way since we were dating.

She disliked it when Rina san was mentioned, and threw a tantrum if I made even the slightest attempt to praise her.

That’s why, I only had opportunities to interact with Rina san through Yuika, and I didn’t try to know about her as much as possible.

However, it seems that Yuika has an inferiority complex more than I thought.

“Rina san is Rina san, and Yuika is Yuika.”

“I don’t want you to say such a shallow thing.”

I stayed silent.

Yuika held her knees tightly with her arms  and slowly start speaking.

“Originally, I confessed to Takuto because I wanted to win against Onee chan.”

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