Now what should I do?
I’m really stuck. Is there any better way?

I put my hand in my pocket and it hit me.
I call Shiina and call her downstairs while I get ready for school and leave the house right away.
Good thing my phone is in my pocket.

I don’t relax.
As much as I’d love to see Shiina doing one, I take my eyes off of her and quickly run to the bathroom while my son is still jacking off.

This is not to do it. It’s to call Shiina.

No matter how much Shiina is a misunderstood menhera woman, she is still cute. That’s why my body reacts.
She is just a beautiful girl who is a damn disappointment. If she had a perfect personality, I would have married her.

But now is not the time to say that. I need to make a call to her.
I open my phone, unblock Shiina’s LINE, and make a call.

Please don’t get carried away and not answer. This strategy will be meaningless.
When the call tone repeats three times.

“Hello? —haa——haaa—what’s wrong, Saku-kun?”

Shiina, out of breath, picked up the phone.

“………., why are you out of breath?”

I blinked to avoid suspicion.

“Ah, um~, …………… I’ve been exercising a little.”
“Exercise. …………”

In a way, masturbation might be exercise.

“So? Why did you call me? I know you’re downstairs.”
“Yeah, but my parents want to see you, so I’m calling you.”
“Why don’t you just come and tell me?”
“I’m eating dinner right now, and I’ve got your stuff. So I called you.”
“You have one for me, too? Does that mean I can have breakfast with you?”
“If you come over here early. I’m almost done eating.”
“I’ll be right over!”

Shiina said and hung up the phone, then heard the door slam open with a bang and a thud down the stairs.

“Okay, she’s gone.”

I gently open the door, check to make sure Shiina is not there, and run back to my room to grab my uniform and bag and head back to the bathroom.
As I was changing in my room, I didn’t know when Shiina would come back.
As proof of this.

“Saku-kun, where did you go!!!”

Shiina runs up the stairs and comes back to my room.
It was just in the nick of time. If I had been a little later, I would have been caught for sure.
I held my breath and waited for Shiina to disappear.

“His uniform is gone! His bag is gone too! When did you leave home, Saku-kun, I have to chase after you right away!”

As I was quietly getting dressed, Shiina ran down the stairs again.
A moment later, I heard the front door open.

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11 months ago

This is pretty hilarious. Honestly, I don’t pity him that much, since he’s not clearly rejecting her. it? it?
3 months ago
Reply to  Krozam

why…..? why would he? he should tame her no?