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  • Episode 27 – comfortable
    Source “──── do you think you’ll be okay now?” The light blue-haired woman drank the water I had bought from the vending machine and asked this after a short pause,
  • Episode 12 – strategy meeting
    Source Amamiya was invited to eat dinner at the Kumatani family as a result of the current. The menu consisted of more than 500 g of fried chicken, which was
  • Episode 18 – Kiss-…….me
    Source “—Okay. So, good evening, everyone. It’s Inami. I feel like it’s been a while.” :Good evening. :I’ve been waiting for you ! :It’s the first time I’ve seen you.
  • Episode 12 – Request for support
    Source “What is it? Request? You can ask me anything.” I can do whatever my idol wants…or rather, I want to do it. I would like her to say it
  • Episode 26 – in a swimming costume
    Source When I was totally confused as to why she suddenly came out wearing a school swimming costume, the light blue-haired woman in front of me, wearing a school swimming
  • Episode 11 – House of the Sun
    Source When you say change, can people change so easily? Although body shape is something you can work on, the face is something you can’t control. It is determined by
  • Episode 17 – You pervert !
    Source Alone with Friend Face san. No particular conversation, just watching people passing by on the street in front of the store. ….But this person is also an assassin. I
  • Episode 11 – Appreciating idol’s performance with favorite idol
    Source “Thank you for the food. It was very delicious.” “Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Kusunoki’s stew was so delicious that I even had another helping. “I’ll take
  • Episode 16 – Insensitivity is a sin
    Source “Wow, it’s already 150.000 subscribers……” While I was unable to stream due to illness, I took Nekomiya san’s advice and Haku san’s recommendation and made a long video and
  • Episode 10 – A moment in idol’s house
    Source “I’m home.” “E-excuse me.” I tried to say so, but there was no answer. As Kusunoki had said earlier, her parents were probably gone. “Let’s wash our hands first.
  • Season 2 Episode 29 – Sleepover turns into a Shura
    Source I ran out of the house. …… I came out of my room and sat down on a bench in a nearby park as if to escape from Kazakiri-kun,
  • Episode 10 – Heroine vs childhood friend
    Source “What kind of relationship does Tojo-san have with Takaaki-kun? If you don’t explain that properly, I won’t give you Takaaki-kun.” “….” Tojo frowned as if she had bitten a
  • Episode 9 – Tojo and Karina san
    Source The rooftop with a sunset sky. Amamiya is summoned to the rooftop, where the most beautiful girl in the school, Yukimichi Ayaka, is waiting for him. She is the
  • Episode 25 – good story
    Source ──── Monday. I was able to spend this Saturday and Sunday relaxing and spending time in a very holiday-like way. And no matter how much school starts again on
  • Episode 15 – Good night
    Source I had an old dream. It was after my mom died and I was taken in by relatives. I didn’t experience any violence or anything like that. The family
  • Episode 9 – Let’s go to idol’s house
    Source “…………? …………?” “Y-Yukito kun?” Eh? Huh? Hm? Oh? What? Wait, wait. Let’s put the situation into perspective. What happened and how did it happen? While I was working part-time,
  • Episode 14 – Side Haku Love
    Source “So, what should I do to make porridge….?” It was nice to follow Inami’s lead and change form into a cooking outfit, but Haku had no idea what to
  • Episode 8 – Idol wants to show gratitude
    Source “The voice enchanted the nymphs, and if the rascals heard it, they turned into saints the next day.” “Today it’s like an epic poem.” “And the world was at
  • Episode 8 – Queen of the Classroom
    Source Amamiya has a hard time with Takasaki Rinka. She has a typical queenly personality, a good face to those she likes, but she looks down on those she doesn’t
  • Epilogue
    Source In the end, the test was suspended in the middle This was a natural decision, since once Yuzuha had fallen, safety and other personnel had to be allocated. In
  • Episode 24 –  entirely
    Source After the test period, when the test was over and school ended at noon, Nanahoshi invited me to the rooftop and I reluctantly went with her. Then, Nanahoshi opened