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  • Episode 1 – A beautiful girl from a new school suddenly hugged me
    Source Humans …… especially women are not to be trusted. I learned that in the seventh grade. So for the rest of my life, I avoided interacting with people, ……
  • Season 2 Episode 15 – Bath together ♡ (shocking end)
    Source Sakimiya-san, dressed in a bath towel, beckons me toward her. “First, I’m going to wash your body, so why don’t you sit down on the bath chair?” Sakimiya-san is
  • Episode 11 – Kachiin
    Source After the study session, in the hallway just outside the library, I put my phone to my ear. “So? What’s with the sudden blind date?” After a delay, Sumeragi
  • Episode 26 – Romantic values
    Source Bad, ……! Not only did I make a mistake, but I also put too much of my own desire into it, which made Charlotte san suspicious of me. For
  • Episode 9 – Not you too
    Source “–Nn♡ Good, Ryuto, keep it up…..♡” The next day at lunchtime. I was called to the fire escape by Riho and she was using a hypnosis app to rub
  • Episode 13 – My childhood friend won’t let me sleep
    Source “Are you okay with the way your day is about to begin, Itsuki?” It was soon a week after I entered the school. As soon as I arrived at
  • Episode 66 – Damn, I also wanted a beautiful step sister fiancee
    Source We handed over our meal ticket at the counter and sat down to wait for our food to be prepared. I ordered what Kano san recommended this time. “It’s
  • Episode 13 – Koharu and Noa’s battle – Last part
    Source “Okay, then I’ve made up a lottery, so draw from the boys first!” The classmates give instructions while holding a lottery made of torn pieces of notebook paper to
  • Episode 10 – I don’t want people to think I’m stupid!
    Source “Tazuna-kun! Help!” It was lunchtime. I was examining the bread in the purchasing area, wondering what I should eat, when my phone rang insistently. When I answered the phone,
  • Episode 25 – love
    Source As I arrived at the institute and walked with Charlotte san to the lecture hall, I was thinking about something. What I was thinking about was how I could
  • Episode 8 – It will increase
    Source “–Now, Ryuto, let’s sleep together tonight, shall we? Let go of your mind.” The following night. Riho appeared before bedtime and showed me the hypnosis application. ……I was thinking
  • Episode 12 – Turn around and go home immediately
    Source Unlike yesterday, my second day of high school life went off without a hitch. It was a little depressing that students from other classes came to peek at me
  • Episode 65 – Do you really want to spend your college life with me that badly?
    Source After listening to the explanation of the university, I started to move to the classrooms designated for mock classes. I had no idea where anything was, but with Kano
  • Episode 12 –  Koharu and Noa’s battle – Part 1
    Source “I’ll hand them out now!” Himari, standing in front of the class as a member of the executive committee, directs her words to the class as a whole. The
  • Episode 9 – I’m not good at love!
    Source “Isn’t it kind of dramatic when we do this?” Night. We opened the window of our room and looked at each other. The night breeze was pleasant on our
  • Episode 24 – Past lives, present lives, and regrets
    Source “It’s a fine day, Feal!” “……” The next day, when I went to school at the academy, Grendel-san spoke to me in a cheerful voice, but I was unable
  • Episode 7 – Boobs Brainwashing
    Source “–So, Ryuto, now it looks like you’ve been sneaking around lately?” The current situation is that Riho, who is very excited, has been using a hypnosis application on me…….
  • Episode 11 – Becoming celebrity when entering fountain
    Source Next day. Before morning homeroom. I was sitting in my seat with my head in my hands. Just yesterday, I was reunited with a childhood friend who I had
  • Episode 64 – Then, from now on, you can call me by my first name.
    Source After locking the door tightly, we left the house and started traveling by bus to Waseda University. The bus was crowded, but we were lucky to be able to
  • Season 2 Episode 14 – Great Punishment (Warning: Erotic expressions)
    Source “P-Punishment!?” Sakimiya-san, with a bath towel wrapped around her body, smiled glamorously. Ppp-punishment, !? “Because, Kazakiri-kun, you didn’t soak in the hot water properly, did you?” “That’s …… y-yes.”
  • Episode 8 – Hate Losing
    Source After school. I was at a fashionable coffee shop with Himekane. The reason was about Sumeragi “I’ve never been to a place like this before.” “Really?” “That’s it, isn’t